The Project

An ambitious crusade for fair supply chains and sustainability

Orijin is the first digital platform to connect consumers to the source of their food and beverages in a transparent and visually engaging way. All with a simple click on your mobile phone.

and Transparency

Upon scanning the QR code with their mobile phone, consumers see the entire supply chain of the product they purchase. They see where the product comes from, who produced it, how it was produced, and the farmgate price
paid to the grower.

A Beautiful
Storytelling Canvas

Businesses gain a new platform with which to tell their story. With a simple click of their phone, consumers are whisked away on an interactive journey through the production process, gaining intimate access to the unique story behind each product.

Social and
Environmental Ethics

Lack of supply chain transparency is what enables the exploitation of primary producers and the environment. Shining a light on the supply chain creates a powerful incentive for businesses to ethically source and produce their products. And it gives consumers the information they need to decide which brands they want to support.

Seamless Inventory

Real-time information on inventory is built into the system and stored in the cloud. At each step of the supply chain, businesses know what they have and where it is at all times.

Salla Mankinen
Chief Technical Officer

Systems Engineer with 20 years of experience building software for large corporations as well as for small non-profit foundations. Originally from Finland.

James Le Compte
Chief Executive Officer

James is the CEO of To’ak Chocolate, a luxury Ecuadorian chocolate brand with an ecologically and socially responsible supply chain. Originally from Australia.

Nicolás Vélez
Chief Operating Officer

Mechanical engineer and founder of Café Vélez, a producer of fine coffee in Ecuador. Also a managing Partner of Hoja Verde Gourmet SA. Ecuadorian.

Carl Schweizer
Chief Branding Officer

Carl is Co-Founder and Branding Director of To’ak Chocolate, a luxury Ecuadorian chocolate brand with an ecologically and socially responsible supply chain. Originally from Austria.

Chris Roeder
Chief Financial Officer 

Chris is the founder of Naked Cacao, a sustainability-driven cacao sourcing organization based in the United States. Supply chain specialist with extensive experience working on the ground alongside farming groups worldwide.

Arnaud Monmarche
Director of Business Development

Agronomist with 15 years of experience in agri-business between Africa, Caribbean islands and South America. CEO of Republica del Cacao, a chocolate company based in Ecuador. Originally from France.