For Consumers

We are what we consume.
Orijin’s mission to make the entire production chain visible for everyone.

With Orijin you choose to support brands that pay not just a “fair” price but the right price, to farmers who produce high-quality raw materials and craftsmen who make high-quality finished products. It gives you the opportunity to drive a more equitable relationship for all actors in the supply chain.

How do I trace a Product?

Search for Orijin’s Official QR Code on the back of your product.

Scan it with your phone’s camera using its built-in reader or download a QR reader app. If available you can also enter the 8-digit code under ‘Trace’ on our website.

Witness the entire journey of the product you have in your hands, all the way back to the producer.

Share the product journey with your network and support the brand’s effort for transparency.

Meet the brands that support the initiative

Search for our partners’ retail products and trace their Orijin

* Not all products have Orijin QR codes assigned.