For Brands

Adding brand value for consumers through product traceability. The dawn of a new way to do business.

Make transparency a competitive advantage.
Obscure supply chains are what enable commerce to blindly destroy the environment and mistreat people. The more information consumers have about the products they buy, the more tools they have to make decisions aligned with their values.

The market has spoken, a change is needed.

Of consumers*

who identify themselves as people connected with their food say: “I buy brands that align with my values.”*

Of consumers*

are willing to change their consumption habits (definitely or probably) to change their impact on the environment.*

Of Buyers**

with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle are more predisposed to digitally engage with brands**

Of consumers*

are partially willing to change brands that support a cause.**

*Source: Nielson **Source: Fogleson & Co

Producers as key actors in data transparency

A digital history of each step in the process is immediately uploaded to the cloud and available for internal analysis.

Inventory management for the 21st century

Get up-to-the-minute information on your product as it moves through each stage of the supply chain.

A new way to connect with your audience

Consumers are whisked away on an interactive journey of discovery. Photos, graphics, sound, and video can all be employed.

Build trust with

People want to know what they’re consuming, so tell them the whole story in a visually-engaging way.